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Comet Earrings
Loop Earings
Visor Earrings

Comet Earrings - Posts
Slightly Domed, Size ½ x 1
Sterling Silver & 14K Gold - $80
All Sterling silver - $65

Loops Earrings Wires
Size smaller than a quarter
Domed, secure latch back,
All Sterling silver - $65
Sterling silver & 14K (shown) - $85

Visor Earrings - Wires
Nickel size
Sterling silver with 14K trim surrounding a cultured pearl. Slightly domed. - $100
All Sterling silver - $80

Leaf Earrings
Acorn Earrings
Plum Earrings

Leaf Earrings - Wires
Size 5/8 x 1 1/8
Slightly domed
Sterling silver with 14K vein and wire - $80
All Sterling silver - $60

Acorn Earrings
penny size
Slightly domed, frosted and
patterned Sterling silver surface with 14K Gold top cluster. - $80
All Sterling silver - $65

Plum Earrings
Penny size slightly domed
14K Gold (Shown) - $350
Sterving silver & 14K Gold - $80
All Sterlng silver - $60

Fleur Earrings
Tri-Pearl Earrings
Berry Earrings

Fleur Earrings
(see matching style pendant)
Stone is dime size
Sterling silver & 14K Gold
Ryolite stone shown - $135
All Sterling Silver - $95
Other stones available. Prices vary.

Tri-Pearl Earrings
Stone is dime size
Sterling silver, Chinese Writing Stone, Cultured pearl - $115
Available with 14K trim and other stones. Prices vary

Berry Earrings - $65
1 5/8 long
Cast white or yellow brass
and stones
(green aventurine shown)
Contact for color availability.



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